Gearbox servicing

Repairing your gearbox or transmission is usually cheaper than replacing it.

But most garages will quote you to replace because they lack the specialist skills required to repair these expensive components.
Here at the garage we offer a specialised auto engineering service, repairing gearboxes, and clutches. Our technical staff are highly skilled and are able to make the repairs other garages cannot, so offering you big savings.
We are able to repair all makes and models and also repair the gearboxes of small vans and light commercial vehicles.
All of our work is covered by a Parts and Labour Guarantee, ranging from 6-12 months and 6000-12000 miles (depending on the vehicle)
The good thing about our clutches is that you can buy an individual part or the whole kit, It is always recommended that when replacing a clutch you should change the whole unit at the same time although that is not always necessary.
With a huge wealth of mechanical experience, we can repair or fit clutches for almost any motor vehicle, and we always work with new parts rather than reconditioned parts, this means the clutch will last longer.

Gearbox failure prevention.

Most gearbox faults start with a small problem that is often overlooked. Worn shift levers, clutches and incorrect lubricants are all responsible for a significant number of gearbox failures, many of these are preventable and ignoring these issues can be a very costly mistake.
A manual gearbox contains oil that is designed to lubricate parts and transfer heat away from the working components. There are no filters or cooling systems in a manual gearbox, so it's vital that the oil is changed at recommended intervals to remove contamination and replace 'worn out' oil. 
So if you think something might be wrong make sure you bring your vehicle to see us at the first sign of trouble. For peace of mind and a lot of money saved, it makes sense.