Repairing your gearbox or transmission is usually cheaper than replacing it.

But most garages will quote you to replace because they lack the specialist skills required to repair these expensive components.
Here at the garage we offer a specialised auto engineering service, repairing gearboxes, and clutches. Our technical staff are highly skilled and are able to make the repairs other garages cannot, so offering you big savings.
We are able to repair all makes and models and also repair the gearboxes of small vans and light commercial vehicles.
All of our work is covered by a Parts and Labour Guarantee, ranging from 6-12 months and 6000-12000 miles (depending on the vehicle)
The good thing about our clutches is that you can buy an individual part or the whole kit, It is always recommended that when replacing a clutch you should change the whole unit at the same time although that is not always necessary.
With a huge wealth of mechanical experience, we can repair or fit clutches for almost any motor vehicle, and we always work with new parts rather than reconditioned parts, this means the clutch will last longer.

Gearbox failure prevention.

Most gearbox faults start with a small problem that is often overlooked. Worn shift levers, clutches and incorrect lubricants are all responsible for a significant number of gearbox failures, many of these are preventable and ignoring these issues can be a very costly mistake.
A manual gearbox contains oil that is designed to lubricate parts and transfer heat away from the working components. There are no filters or cooling systems in a manual gearbox, so it's vital that the oil is changed at recommended intervals to remove contamination and replace 'worn out' oil. 
So if you think something might be wrong make sure you bring your vehicle to see us at the first sign of trouble. For peace of mind and a lot of money saved, it makes sense.

A Cost Effective Alternative to a Main Dealer

We are keen to help ensure that your vehicle running costs are kept to a minimum and believe that regular servicing and maintenance can help achieve this. Regular car servicing not only ensures optimum vehicle performance and economy, it also covers key safety areas such as brakes, steering, suspension and tyres to prevent the failure or breakdown of expensive components.

Maintaining your Manufacturer's Warranty

If our technicians spot anything that needs attention while servicing your car, we will let you know. We'll just provide the information so you can decide if and when you want to address the problem. If you have any queries about anything that we've picked up on, we'll be happy to discuss them with you. We can explain what the implications are for your car and the likely costs for repairs or replacements, and will keep all parts for viewing where required.

Quality parts equivalent to original unless otherwise agreed will be used to service your vehicle. A record of your vehicle's service history is maintained by us, so we can proactively advise you on future maintenance. It will assist us in planning your services to coincide with MOT tests.

Receive the best from our service

To help you get the best from your service, it's helpful when booking your vehicle in to give clear details of any work you think needs doing, and a list of faults, knocks, squeaks etc that you've noticed.

Service Types

THE GARAGE provides its customers 'Interim', 'Full' and 'Major' Service programmes. The choice is determined by the type of vehicle, its mileage and last service date.

We always stock a huge range of tyres for all makes of vehicle, from cars and vans to MPV. You can choose from all the leading brands at high performance, medium and economy ranges. What’s more, the price you see is the price you pay, inclusive of new valve, wheel balance and VAT. We provide:

• Trained and experienced technicians
• The very latest in electronic wheel balancing equipment
• Wheel alignment
• Puncture repairs
• Competitive prices on all the major brands
• Puncture repair service

Tyre Infomation

A typical tyre size found on the side wall could read :-

185/60R14 82H

in which case the above numbers and letters refer to the following :-

185 - the section width of the tyre (shown in mm)
60 - aspect ratio (or profile) of the tyre i.e. side wall height = 60% of section width
R - denotes that the tyre has a radial construction
14 - the rim diameter (shown in inches)

H - the speed rating, or maximum speed of the tyre

All tyres will have their sizing illustrated in this same fashion, so when phoning for quotes, all of this information will be required in order to receive an accurate estimate for replacement cost.

Tread depth and the legal requirements

The legal minimum tread depth for car and similar tyres in the United Kingdom is 1.6mm throughout a continuous band comprising the central three quarters of the breadth of the tread and round the entire circumference of the tyre. If you are ever worried that the tread depth of any of your tyres does not fulfil the legal criteria, then pop in for a free, no obligation tyre check. We could save you the inconvenience of a police officer doing a free check for you!

Tyre condition (especially side wall)

The condition of both the tread area and the side wall of your tyres are critical for road safety. Age can affect the condition of your tyres, as can incorrect tyre pressures (see below). You should check the condition and pressure of your tyres on a regular basis, as this may prevent unnecessary future problems and prolong the life of your tyres.

Tyre pressures

Correct tyre pressures are critical for optimum braking performance, maximum grip and in prolonging the life of your tyres. Check your vehicle handbook or contact us to find out the correct tyre pressures for your car.

Incorrect tyre pressures will cause shorter tyre life through more rapid wear. Low tyre pressures will be detrimental to fuel consumption, and could wear your tyres unevenly. High tyre pressures reduce the contact patch with the road, and therefore sacrifice road grip.

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